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Digital Commission

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I'm excited to announce that I will be taking digital commissions!

How Does It Work?

  • All images will be fulled coloured and shaded.
  • You will be provided with a sketch for approval prior to starting on the final.
  • The total turnaround time will be roughly two weeks, one week for the sketch and then another week for the final. This time does not take into account the time you take to approve the sketch. If you take two weeks to approve your sketch, the turnaround time will be four weeks. If you need something quicker please reach out to me and we can discuss.
  • Adjustments can be made at the sketch stage, but they cannot be major changes. The character must stay the same, as well as the rough pose. Slight pose adjustments are allowed and encouraged. (moving an arm, facial expression, etc.) I want you to be happy with your drawing!
  • A simple background will be provided - this will be colour splashes, etc. Full backgrounds can be requested but will be charged separately.
  • Your final drawing will be provided to you digitally via Google Drive and will be in an 8x10 300 DPI resolution. If you would like a different size please note this.

What Will I Draw?

  • Celebrities (One Direction, Taylor Swift etc.)
  • You, your family and friends.
  • Fictional characters (animated or live action.)
  • Your original characters.
  • Artistic interpretation of photographs that you have rights to.
    • Concert photographs found on social media will require the photographer's written consent.
    • Your own meet & greet photos are allowed. 
  • Pokemon and animals* (for these please select the "partial body" pricing option.)

What won't I draw?

  • NSFW/Gore
  • Direct copies of another artist's work/style.

Additional Information

  • Prices for additional characters refer to characters within the same drawing. If you want two separate drawings of two separate characters, this counts as two separate commissions.
  • Commissions are meant for personal use, NOT commercial use. Should you require a commercial release that will be billed separately. 
  • I will retain rights to my artwork, which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Sharing on social media
    • Selling prints
    • Display on my website for sample purposes



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